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Gymnastics Benefits:

It helps the child strengh, balance, flexibility, sensory integration and gain coordination that he/she will carry through their school year and even into adulthood. Gymnastics is an individual sport in a group of children helps social skills and delate gratification while they wait for their turn and learn by watching their friends skills. they learn movement patterns and develop amazing dexterity.

It help develop Determination and  learn to listen and follow directions, building self esteem and confidence by overcoming their fears to accomplish the challenge is a wonderful part of gymnastics classes. Gymnastics builds determination this is such an important skill to learn.

Soccer Benefits:

Children playing soccer helps to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Health benefits brings cardiovascular, coordination, flexibility and strength. Soccer teaches children to be work as a team, share talents, leadership and work ethic.

Monthly Rates:

VIP soccer/gym  

Every day- $160

3-classes per week $120

2-classes per week $96

Drop In Class $15

Home drop off services- COMING SOON

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