Welcome To
Scripps Nature Camp

Our Mission
is to encourage each child to be conscious
of our surroundings.Through a love of
nature we will promote a responsibility
to conserve, recycle, and reuse.
Affiliated to Inspire Charter and others

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Our Curriculum

Nature Education

Outdoor learning is essential for children As every experience outdoors introduces new conditions and unknowns, the ability to make sensible and informed decisions grows. Outdoor learning increases emotional intelligence, self-esteem, confidence, independence and creativity.


Gymnastics learn fundamental moves to enhance their fine and gross motor skills. While in a safe and FUN environment they will climb, hang, jump, run, and roll. Simple yoga poses are combined with imaginative story with songs, breathing exercises and stories that engage preschoolers while increasing flexibility. Basics Soccer through FUN sessions giving them basic skills and promoting agility, balance and coordination.

Social Arts

Mixed-age groupings foster a secure relationship with the primary caregiver over time and provide the opportunity to be both a younger and older “sibling.”

Foreign Language

We speak a native language of Spanish on a regular basis to play simple games or sing simple songs with the children. Educator with other home language are invited to share their traditions in other languages as well.


Seasonal traditional Family Festivals: May Fair, Bone Fires, Lantern Walk and Advent.