Our Programs

Our Programs


Players aged 3-7 will be introduced to soccer through FUN sessions giving them basic skills and promoting agility, balance and coordination.

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Gymnasts learn fundamental moves to enhance their fine and gross motor skills. While in a safe and FUN environment they will climb, hang, jump, run, and roll.

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In this FUN and imaginative session, simple yoga poses are combined with songs, puppets and stories that engage preschoolers while increasing flexibility.

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Welcome to
Scripps Nature Camp

Nature Based Educational Programs

We are a year-round nature camp incorporating methods of Waldorf Education. Located in and around the Scripps Ranch neighborhood, our bilingual program is customized for children ages 3 and up. We also offer an after school program and a summer camp for ages 6-14.

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Our Curriculum

Foreign Languages

We speak a native language of Spanish on a regular basis to play simple games or sing simple songs with the children.

Music Programs

Honoring the seasons and traditional festivals of the year and the birthdays of each of the children and caregivers.

Domestic Arts

Children find joy in the practical and meaningful activities of daily life, laying a foundation for future academic skills, initiative and purpose.

Art Classes

Imaginative play is enriched by story telling, puppet shows, artistic activities, crafts, music and singing, on a daily basis.

Sports Programs

While outdoors children will be able to enjoy sports.

Social Arts

Mixed-age groupings foster a secure relationship with the primary caregiver over time and provide the opportunity to be both a younger and older “sibling.”

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