Learning and completing a gymnastic skill requires the use of the mind as well as the body. The left brain and right brain must work in concert, so children’s body awareness and spatial awareness improve. This really helps children become aware of the world around them and adapt better to it. Along with the development of strength and healthy bones, children build up their total body strength. By performing the body strengthening exercises required to complete a gymnastics skill, children build up their upper body, lower body, and overall core strength. Gymnastics is all about flexibility. When you increase your flexibility, you decrease your chances of injury.

Gymnastics also provides discipline, self-control and awareness for children. All valuable skills to take with you into life.

When children learn discipline and self-control at an early age, they learn to work with others, work by themselves, focus, and accomplish tasks. Learning and successfully completing a gymnastics skill creates the sense of accomplishment, which in turn supports self-esteem. Children will learn from an early age that hard work and practice pays off – key life skills!


Children acquire enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Each of the yoga sessions are an adventure through a series of guided postures. From mountain pose to Savasana, children are fully engaged in these imaginative and fun sessions. For more information – visit Yoga Adventures for Kids


Through the course of a mini clinic, children learn the fundamentals to run, pass, dribble, shoot, and score

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